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Ernest Hemingway encouraged the soul to "write hard and clear about what hurts." I've never been able to forget that. We all have our demons, I wrestle mine into volumes of prose, deeply carved by lips swollen with the naivete of poetry.
I sing to myself and stay up late, enamored by the beauty of shy glances, multicolored 3-day old bruises, yellowed lace & last night's lipstick. Constantly daydreaming of the ocean, desert sunrises, and lush forests, I dance across this earth in search of self-love & light with all three eyes open, rainbows in my hair, and the sun on my skin.

Hey, pro tip: When I drag my bedding off into another room, it actually means I DON’T WANT TO SLEEP NEXT TO YOU

"Your passion is the force of evolution that drives your life energy, so don’t suppress it by telling yourself that you can’t do it or that it is impractical"
Deepak Chopra (via moonbooze)

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I had a really beautiful and healing experience with The Spirit Molecule in the pale twilight hours of this morning. I feel more centered and peaceful than I have in a long time, and I’m so thankful to have been gifted the messages that were revealed to me.

Oil Pulling Vol. 1

I decided to indulge my curiosities surrounding oil pulling tonight, which is the detoxifying Ayurvedic oral hygiene practice of swishing 1 tbsp of coconut/sesame/vegetable based oil around your mouth for 20 minutes, and is to be followed by a good saltwater rinse. The whole routine sounds a little odd, and there are unforeseen things to consider, like the fact that spitting into your sink may cause plumbing issues, or that the amount of fluid in your mouth doubles as it draws in saliva and toxins, so you wind up with a gob full of oil and dissolved bacteria. But as strange as the concept came across, 3,000 years worth of rave reviews, the impressive list of health benefits, the idea of an effective, eco-friendly, all-natural mouthwash, sold me.

In one of the testimonials I read, the writer went for a teaspoon of oil on her first night (instead of the normal tablespoon) just to let herself get used to the process and taste, so I thought I’d do the same. Because I don’t have any organic coconut oil on hand, I went for sesame, and was pleasantly surprised by how mellow the flavor was. For 20 minutes, I dinked around online, “pushing” and “pulling” it through my teeth (gently, now, it’s a long enough process you don’t want to go hard and wind up with a sore jaw 10 minutes in). Over the course of my sesame swish, It DEFINITELY grew in volume, and I’m kind of wary about tomorrow’s full-sized experience, but also excited to see how my body reacts over time.

A Train of Thought // 3.25.14 // 1:02 a.m.

Someone once told me that my name means “patience,” which is pretty high up there on the list of the most ironic things about my life. To be honest, I struggle to stay focused and remain committed to things if I can’t see/feel/create results quickly, and find myself easily frustrated and discouraged when a skill doesn’t come naturally.

I become moody wheninsecure, I let my relationships slide to the back burner, and I have the tendency to become irrationally upset, upon which I will board up my windows and allow this body to quietly fill with anxiety. I can’t see the long term, there is only this moment, and it hurts. My history is a graveyard of half-stabs, forgotten attempts, doused fires, and abandoned ships.

But when I am into something? It’s out of control. I’m relentless, animal, obsessive, a woman posessed, even kinda comical in the hungry pursuit of my target, be it a hobby, a topic of interest, or an experience. I know nothing of moderation, I have all the time in the world, and my mind blissfully lost in the chase. I feel capable in my niche, and to that nourishing vein of strength I cling, because I need that feeling… I really fucking need it. And that’s the funny thing about capturing my attention, it’s like flicking a switch. On or off, electric or vacant, all or nothing. And I am so sorry that I made you feel like a Nothing.

Ok, so as I was coming up on acid at Lucky, someone stumbled through the crowd, looked at me, did a double-take, hugged me, and cried “JENNA!? I THOUGHT YOU LIVED IN CHICAGO!” then staggered away.


Literally me today.

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